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If you are thinking about buying a new van there are a few things you should consider before you decide which one to go for; the same applies to insurance for your van. A carefully considered insurance policy can save you a great deal of money in the long run. It is worth looking for the smallest model that would meet your requirements. Opt for a van with a lower weight class, engine size and overall value as these tend to be cheaper to insure.

Take the time to assess your van insurance needs before taking out a policy and don't be afraid to discuss this at length with insurers. In the event of a claim if you aren't covered for everything you may find that your claim is invalid. Investing time and energy into this process is worth it when you think of the substantial costs and damage that could be incurred if you don't. Look into quotes for different levels of insurance cover. For example, it may seem obvious but if you will be using the van for work purposes make sure you have insurance cover for business use, as there is an option to insure for social use only. Or if you are planning on storing tools and/or goods in the van it is a good idea to make sure this is covered under you policy also.

Some insurance policies require you to fit an alarm and immobiliser to your van and some offer a reduced price for doing so. These extra precautions will help deter theft and reduce your chances of having to make a claim.

As vans are often more heavily used from day to day than cars, they are more prone to breaking down. The extra cost of breakdown cover may be worthwhile if it means being back on the road and back in business quickly. Be sure to check if the policy includes a replacement vehicle which you could use if your van is out of action.

If you can avoid claiming on your insurance you can grow your no claims bonus, which could year by year save you money on your van insurance until you reach the maximum discount. Remember to enter it along with your other details when asking insurers for quotes as some may match your no claims bonus.

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